Sales Copy that resonates & connects with your ideal clients

…and converts like crazy!

Imagine your ad spend, your effort and hustle, and content strategy being all worth it when your next launch exceeds your sales goals!

No more launching followed by endlessly tweaking your sales copy
trying to figure out what's not working

Have the peace of mind knowing you can confidently ramp up traffic to your sales page knowing your copy is proven to convert.

Hi! I’m Brandi and I love helping coaches, service pro’s, and course creators build momentum and unshakeable DESIRE around their program offers with sales copy that uses powerful connection & storytelling techniques.
I see you out here solving real problems and perfecting your signature programs that lead your clients to their desired transformation.
And your ideal clients need to hear about your powerful programs but buying behavior has changed…the “Coach Speak” and abstract promise aren’t filling your programs anymore.
"I highly recommend Brandi's copywriting services! As a non-native English speaker, I found it challenging to create website copy that was not only grammatically correct, but also engaging and compelling. Brandi not only optimized and polished my existing copy, but also infused my personality and emotions into the words. The end result exceeded my expectations, and I am delighted to use the same copy across all of my social media channels. Thank you, Brandi!"

 – Introducing –

Connection First Sales Page Copy

Having Connection First Copy helps you build a brand that creates fans who do backflips straight to your checkout pages because they know YOU and how much you care about them.

If you’re tired of endlessly creating new products and courses that aren’t selling out the way you know they should…it’s time to start building connections with your audience and watch those sales roll in!

Choose Your Copy Adventure:

Full sales copy experience

Listen to the sound of Stripe notifications rolling in with your new high-converting done-for-you sales page using my Signature Connection First Copy Method. 

Every word is crafted and researched to speak directly to your people and sound like you wrote it yourself – except you didn’t because you’re still bringing that CEO energy…and CEO’s don’t write their own sales pages.

Your VIP Week also includes an in-your-voice launch sales email sequence complete with cart abandonment emails which are proven to boost your launch conversions.

[Investment $2,597]

Sales page reboot 

(VIP Day)

Sales page not bringin’ in those sales like you thought it would? Stand back and watch as your lagging sales page gets “unglitched” and comes roaring back to life.

It’s time to stop going back and forth with Chat-GPT using the prompts you found on TikTok and get a real copywriting pro to whip up your new copy by tomorrow’s steaming latte!

 Even if you haven’t launched your offer yet but want the added confidence to be sure your sales page is a winner – a Reboot is the perfect solution. 

[$1197 Investment]

sales copy experience

What You Get:

Investment: $2,597

sales page reboot  

What You Get:

(This package is highly recommended for entrepreneurs) who have limited launch experience – launched 0-2 times

Investment: $1197

Additional Copy Projects:

Pre-Launch Social Media Content

Build momentum around your offer before you launch using social media. A pre-launch content strategy helps you get visible, grow your email list, and create desire for your offer. 

$597 Investment

Email Sequence

Use the power of your existing email list to build anticipation for your upcoming launch with your biggest fans using a targeted pre-launch email sequence. 

$597 Investment

Launch Email Sequence

Your open cart email launch sequence is the bridge leading right to your sales page. Maximize the conversion power of your sales funnel with an email sequence that sells out your offer 

$597 Investment

"Brandi wrote the launch emails for my Solopreneur Self-Care System VIP Experience after I re-launched it with a challenge. Having Brandi's help eliminated the overwhelm for me of having to worry about both hosting the challenge and launching my offer. When I first read Brandi's email, I was amazed right away by how she was ACTUALLY writing these emails in my voice. Since it is my first launch, I also really appreciate her expertise in launching, I would be lost without her. I have learned so much through this launch and appreciated not only her fun copy style but also how she supported me to launch without stress and overwhelm. I would definitely be using Thrive Content Creative for my future launches, and I would recommend her specifically to any entrepreneurs that are scared of copywriting and are stressed and overwhelmed with their launch."

How it Works

You’ll begin your chosen copy project by booking a session slot using the buttons below. Your project will be secured when you’ve paid in full or 50% down and your contract is signed.

This step is essential for allowing your unique brand voice and story to be told. Your pre-work is the foundation for our project together and must be completed at least one week prior to our Branding Strategy Call.

On this call we’ll dive deep into your brand identity by creating your own Brand Blueprint and crafting your unique positioning within your market. So many coaches miss this crucial step but you’ll be ready

Once your copy project is here, you can be sure your sales copy has my full focus for the week/day. Please schedule a week that allows you to be available for periodic questions and check-ins while your copy is being carefully crafted in the lab!

Once your project is complete, you’ll receive your design-friendly google doc with all your juicy copy ready for your sales page and/or emails. If you need any tweaks to your copy, I’ll work on those within 5 days of delivery. Plus, you have 30 days of post support for questions on your copy!

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